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From singer-songwriters to pop-punk bands, we’ve got a huge music community on Did you know that Snoop Dogg — a.k.a. Snoop Lion — is part of it? We’re proud to say that his websites, and, are both on

“I love hearing from my fans — I can’t hear from them if they don’t know what I’ve got going on, so I want them to stay connected to me through my site,” says Snoop.

Let’s take a tour of Snoop’s websites:

Snoop Dogg

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How much of the world is online? – Direct2Dell – Direct2Dell – Dell Community

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It is of no surprise that internet usage in the developed world is high from 61% in Europe to 79% in North America. Internet growth is taking place in the emerging/developing markets where internet saturation for example in China is lower at 26%; Africa 14% and Latin America performing better at 40%. Mobiles, smartphones and tablets are driving internet growth in Asia and Africa where people are bypassing the traditional means of PC’s/laptops to access the internet and are going straight to use mobile devices for internet access.

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Business of Today: Why You Need a Social CRM System | Gist

If you’re still tracking your business contacts in an outdated Rolodex or worse, an Excel spreadsheet!, it’s time for a change!  Business today happens on the fly, so if you’re stuck behind the times relying on the carefully sorted notecards stored back at your office, you risk losing out on the potential business opportunities that are happening all around you.  What you need is a social CRM system!

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